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Wildlife Conservation continues through COVID-19.


Southern Africa may be suffering under the effects of COVID-19 crises with travel bans and lock-downs being the order of the day, however Wildlife Conservation continues through COVID-19 and the amazing people in the field of Wildlife Conservation have not allowed this to influence their efforts in protecting and nurturing one of the most beautiful resources that we are so very proud of – The amazing and diverse African Wildlife. It is of critical importance now that the Wildlife Conservation continues their work unabated through the COVID-19 crises.

African Painted Dog

One of the species that needs our very special attention is the African Wild Dog. Now known as the African Painted Dog. One of the most prolific and successful predators in the wild. They are unfortunately very prone to clashes with the ever increasing human population. Some of these Painted Dogs have been trans-located to the beautiful Mana Pools area in Zimbabwe where they receive special support. Herewith the article recently published in the Daily Southern & Eastern Africa TOURISM UPDATE.

The non-profit partner in this operation, Wilderness Wildlife Trust, has allocated vital funding required to feed the recently trans-located wild dogs. The pack is in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park for an additional five months.

Wildlife conservation for the African Painted Dogs seen here playing together.
African Painted Dogs playing

Source – Wilderness Safaris Blog

Puppies are coming

Together with Capmount Lodges and Painted Dog Conservation, we trans-located the dogs late last year. The aim is to release them into the park this month once they were acclimatized to the area. However, the alpha female is now pregnant. The pack now needs to stay in the boma for an additional five months or so. This according to Wilderness Safaris Group Sustainability Manager, Dr Neil Midlane. “There are only 7 000 wild dogs left in Africa. It is imperative that we continue to take proactive measures to help secure the future of the species.”

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