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Peace of Mind Travel

Peace of Mind Travel

Peace of Mind Travel

Africa Explore Safaris

Peace of Mind Travel – Uncluttered, Uncomplicated, and Fully Organized!

Personalized Travel with Africa Explore Safaris.

Unique, Individual, and Memorable Experiences are the essence of travel.

You will not follow the tried & tested routes on our personalized and uniquely curated journeys.

Share your audacious luxury travel wishlist with us and we will prepare your holiday of a lifetime. Create superb memories and travel seamlessly while we take care of every detail.

Africa Explore Safaris

Sample bespoke Safaris & Tours

Explore our Sample Customized Luxury Safaris & Tours for great inspiration!

Africa Explore Safaris

Unique Curated Travel Design

Design your personal African safari and tour.

Tap into our 20+ years’ experience for your ultimate travel experience. At Africa Explore Safaris we do not do off-the-shelf tour packages. Every guest receives their own authentic and unique Safari package that has been tailored to their specific and individual desires and requirements. No two safari packages are alike.

Africa Explore Safaris

Spectacular Destinations

The team at Africa Explore Safaris are your highly skilled African Specialists. We have travelled to the amazing destinations across Africa and the beautiful Indian Ocean Islands. We understand the challenges of travelling through Africa. We know what needs to be done to ensure a happy and memorable experience. We anticipate your needs and ensure a smooth and exciting journey.
Impala in savanna. National Reserved. South Africa, Kenya

Africa Explore Safaris

Superb Experiences

Africa is our home. We are Africa Travel Experts. We specialize in creating authentic and unique personal travel experiences throughout Southern Africa, East Africa, and the spectacular Indian Ocean Islands. We have traveled the routes and we know the people of many wonderful cultures across Africa. We keep abreast of trends, local festivities and celebrations, and seasonal changes so we can advise you and make suggestions to enhance your travel experience.

Now tell us about YOU. What do you DESIRE? What is your NEXT ADVENTURE?

Africa Explore Safaris


Our approach and our engagement with you is highly collaborative. We pride ourselves on applying a very effective and detailed communication process to establish and fully understand your exact needs.

We understand and value your safety, and your security, and most of all, we value the time that you invest to connect with our team in planning your unique next adventure!