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Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Sustainable and Responsible travel and being responsible in all that you do while planning your safari holidays are of utmost importance. Carry that responsibility through till you are actually executing your travel plans. It is the only way forward to rebuild international travel as we emerge from this current Covid pandemic. Are you a RESPONSIBLE […]

Elephants are Playful and Gregarious

The African Elephant living at peace in their natural African habitat are very relaxed. Elephants are playful and gregarious by nature. Yesterday we posted another interesting video of Elephants on Instagram that piqued the interest of some of our loyal followers. A question was asked by our friend Kim regarding the relationship between the Elephants, […]

Travel Trends 2021 and Travel to Africa in 2021

The Travel Trends and Travel to Africa in 2021 is receiving a lot of attention now. We are still in the throws of stringent Lockdown Regulations with different gravity around the world, but people are dreaming of when they can travel again. Unique Travel Experiences Can you spot the Hyena? This is what you yearn […]

The MOSQUITO the World’s DEADLIEST creature

This week we are reminded again. The world’s deadliest creature is STILL hard at work even though the world is now focused on the Covid-19 Pandemic. The world’s deadliest creature causes untold suffering in third world countries. The MOSQUITO is the world’s deadliest creature! Spreading the dreaded Malaria infections at will causing more than half […]

Botswana Lifts Ban on Elephant Hunting

    What Does this mean? After a five-year suspension of Elephant hunting by former president Ian Khama in 2014, the government of Botswana has lifted the ban on Elephant hunting. This statement was issued on May 22 by the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resource Conservation and Tourism. Botswana has an elephant population which according […]