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When we travel again after COVID.

When we travel again after COVID.

“When we travel again after COVID” is a thought that occupies the mind of any explorer at this time. Any person that has tasted the pleasure of travel, learning, discovery, fun, and enjoyment is experiencing the “itchy feet” syndrome. Cabin fever has set in with travel bans around the world restricting our ability to explore the world. Many of us are glued to our screens at this time. We search the web for our next destination and adventure experience in preparation for when we travel again after COVID.

How do we travel

What has emerged during various interviews with leaders in the industry over the past four months, is that the way we travel in the post-COVID world will be a little different. Instead of taking 2, 3, or 4 shorter holidays spread across the year as has been the case till this year, the consensus now that the typical traveler will save up for one long trip. A trip at a more leisurely pace for a greater experiential journey with added value.

Traveler with face mask
Social distancing after COVID

The key reasons that are coming through are (a) That the need for social distancing will be with us for a while. This means that the international traveler will be more inclined to look for private personalized tour options. Rather than the more budget high volume “bums-in-seats” version that has played a significant role in tourism over the last two decades. (b) A desire to avoid crowded locations. These include the conveniently located high volume hotels and excursion tour coaches filled to the maximum. The scenic areas that have been suffering from over-tourism may also be avoided.

Hence it makes sense to take a longer uniquely personalized holiday with a small group of friends. Enjoy the highly experiential private holiday itinerary. Allow yourself the time to explore smaller accommodation establishments located off the beaten path. To have additional time to choose your activities based on prevailing tourist volumes at your destination. The ability to make rapid changes to your schedule when necessary will be a huge added bonus.

SPRING in the Southern Hemisphere

So where do we go at this time of the year? What do we consider if we want to travel during the southern hemisphere spring season in August, September, and October? Well, South Africa is a pretty cool place to explore. Let’s see now. What do we have to offer on the most southern and southwestern tip of Africa?

Cape Town

The Western Cape region with Cape Town as the capital has a Mediterranean climate with rainfall in winter. It is also home to the beautiful Cape Winelands. A wine region with more than five distinctly different production areas. The award-winning wines are growing in popularity around the world. Incidentally, the Baines Single Malt Whiskey voted the world’s best gold medal single malt whiskey in 2018. It was produced at the James Sedgewick Distillery near the town of Wellington. This is a mere 30 minutes drive from downtown Cape Town.

Wildflowers near Table Mountain
Spring season Wildflowers in abundance.

Spectacular Wildflower display and Whales

More importantly. As the days get warmer in late winter, the month of August sees the most spectacular display of wildflowers. This in the normally dry area of the West Coast to the north of Cape Town. Now travel further south to the town of Hermanus located on the Whale Coast. See the spectacular display of the Southern Right Whales that come up from the south. They congregate on this coastline for around four months from July each year.

If you have limited time available you may consider a shorter Safari with a two-night stay on a private Game Reserve with the popular Fair Trade Safari Itinerary. There are many great activities to choose from in this area. Visit the Fair Trade private nature reserve of Grootbos. Here you may watch the antics of the whales from the deck. Also visit the village of Gansbaai and do Marine Big Five Tour. Or even a Shark Cage Dive which is ideal for the adrenaline junkies.

Elephants in the Malaria Free areas of the Eastern Cape
Elephant foraging on the succulent Eastern Cape vegetation

Wildlife at its best

Now, if you have a few more days available to you. You may combine these wonderful experiences into one beautifully organized Safari. Continue to the Garden Route on a Twelve-day Safari. End your trip in the Malaria Free Safari area of the Eastern Cape. Home to the well known Addo Elephant National Park.

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