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The OMICRON invasion

The OMICRON invasion

The OMICRON invasion

The Omicron invasion is sweeping across the world! What do we know about Omicron thus far?

My personal belief is that it is nothing more than a living organism adapting and seeking to survive.

Progress to LARGER LIFE

All life forms must progress and seek larger life or they will regress and eventually become extinct. It does not matter whether it is an Elephant, a Human or a Virus. All living organisms must adapt and progress to larger life. The Coronavirus must therefore mutate or die and it WILL mutate at its current location when that is required to ensure its survival. Yes, It is easily transported from one location to the next BUT it does not specifically need to be carried anywhere in order to mutate and grow.

Data is slowly emerging about the Omicron variant and it is becoming abundantly clear that the blanket travel bans imposed by governments around the world have been a case of gross OVERREACTION in a very significant and damaging way.

Omicron in the EU

Information has emerged that the first cases of the Omicron variant were detected in the Netherlands on the 19th and 23rd of November. What is interesting to note is that the one case has no travel history or exposure to the Omicron variant. This means that the new variant was already circulating in that community. The first case in Belgium was noted on the 24th of November and now Omicron is circulating in many countries across the EU, the UK, Asia and Australia to mention a few.

Omicron mutations increase its transmissibility.

Highly transmissable with apparent mild infection

What is clear is that the Omicron variant is highly transmissible and it is spreading around the world at a rapid pace. The Omicron Invasion means that we are all going to be exposed to it at some time. It also seems clear that Omicron can infect anybody including the fully vaccinated and those with partial immunity due to past infections. The data available at this time does however indicate that these infections are very mild when compared to the Delta and Beta variants. Most importantly, it is easily identified with the standard PCR test in current use.

Omicron appears optimized to infect RAPIDLY

Professor Karl Lauterbach, a clinical epidemiologist from Munich and the person who could possibly be the next German Minister of Health, stated that it could mean that the Omicron variant is optimized to infect, in line with how most respiratory viruses evolve. Meaning that it has mutated in a manner placing all its energy on rapid infection rather than mutating in a manner that increases the seriousness of the infection.

There is some clinical basis for this as the Beta Variant was the serious infection but it was outperformed by the Delta variant in terms of immune avoidance but it was a less serious infection. Now the Omicron variant seems to have gone of an all-out assault to spread as fast as possible but it seems to cause very mild disease by comparison.

This theory is supported by Professor Paul Hunter from the UK. What they are saying is that it is highly unlikely that this, or any other virus, will be good at everything. Beta was more serious with some immune escape and therefore best at the bad infections. Delta was good at immune escape or avoidance but far better at transmissibility. Now Omicron is sizing up to be the best at great transmissibility and rapid spread with lower disease impact.

The best thing ever?

The Omicron invasion of the world could be the best thing ever to happen. It means that the rapid spread of Omicron with more mild effects will soon result in the majority of the world’s population being exposed to it and thereby developing some immunity. Omicron may well cause the end of the pandemic due to its rapid spread and causing the magical HERD IMMUNITY while the vaccines are safeguarding us against more serious effects of the disease.

Now that is seriously good news! It is early days yet so this is still very speculative but we will know a lot more in another three weeks. The four coronaviruses that cause the common flu are rampant and everybody gets them but they don’t make us very sick. If Omicron takes us down that path we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The head of Italy’s Higher Health Council, Franco Locatelli, has also expressed the view that he is not overly concerned about this new variant. It may be more contagious but it is not more dangerous than the other strains. He continues to add that we have no evidence to suggest that Omicron could provoke more serious illness or evade the protective effect of vaccines in any major way.

The people at Moderna are also speculating that this will become endemic with an annual vaccination similar to the annual flu shot that is available. We don’t know this as yet and we wait anxiously for further clinical data to be released.

Don’t panic – VACCINATE

The governments around the world are panicky because they are trying to get everyone vaccinated or booster shots applied as an insurance policy because there are still too many uncertain variables at this point. It remains the best possible policy at this time. Get yourself vaccinated!

The vast open plains of Africa remain the safe travel destination minimizing the risk of exposure while providing you with a great dose of the all-important Vitamin D. The destinations across East Africa that the guests of Africa Explore Safaris visit remain open for travel and ready to receive you.

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