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The MOSQUITO the World’s DEADLIEST creature

This week we are reminded again. The world’s deadliest creature is STILL hard at work even though the world is now focused on the Covid-19 Pandemic. The world’s deadliest creature causes untold suffering in third world countries. The MOSQUITO is the world’s deadliest creature! Spreading the dreaded Malaria infections at will causing more than half a million deaths every year.

Mosquito Week

Bill Gates reminds us that It’s Mosquito Week again on his personal blog, GatesNotes. We must not lose sight of Malaria and other threats in our headlong race to beat the Corona Virus

Human fears

Humans have an innate fear of some of the most innocent creatures in terms of direct mortal danger to us, such as Sharks. Yet we tend to regard the Mosquito as an unnecessary annoyance. Especially so if you live in the well-to-do societies of the first world countries. Here Malaria is that “little” disease affecting some countries of the world. Statistics show that human deaths caused by Sharks added up to a grand total of SIX deaths in 2015. In that year the irritating little Mosquito and the dreaded Malaria accounted for 830,000 deaths.

Mortality rates

We know that we as humans have a propensity for killing our own kind. The murder rates in some countries are regarded as quite astronomical. We can look again at the worldwide statistics for 2015. We find that human-on-human deaths was a total of 580,000. Compare this to the 830,000 deaths as a result of Malaria. That is 30% lower than the Mosquitos! This map created on the GatesNotes blog by Bill Gates and his team makes for interesting reading.

We celebrate the massive support provided by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the battle against Malaria and the Mosquito. We know that mosquitos build up an immunity to the insecticides that we have used against them. Even the dreaded, and now illegal, DDT is no longer effective to kill the mosquitos.

Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation provides active support to many organizations and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of humans. Especially those in the poorer third world countries. The very successful research facility in Tanzania called Mosquito City is one the recipients. Here you will find the largest captive swarm of mosquitos in the world. Scientific Researchers at the Ifakara Health Institute are constantly collecting data. They analyze this and find the best and most effective way to kill these little terrorists. They have, for example, managed to identify the preferred locations and at what time of the day the mosquitos like to have sex. Now it is that much easier to neutralize them while they are all congregated for the purpose of procreation.

Many of the very popular African Safari Destinations are unfortunately affected by Malaria. For many travelers, this is simply a matter of incurring the additional expense of purchasing the Prophylactics. AND then remembering to take them as prescribed. Now you may avoid this risk. Visit the Malaria Free Safari Zone in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Travel on the Cape Town, Whales, and Garden Route Safari. Experience the best of the beautiful African Wildlife without the risk of Malaria.

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