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Spring Wildflowers in the Namaqualand

Bursting with WildFlower Beauty – Spring in Namaqualand!

Spring is the time of the year to Experience the beauty of Wildflowers carpeting the hills of the Namaqualand and Cedarberg region. Namaqua National Park is situated in one of two arid biodiversity hotspots.

Namaqualand and Cedarberg Orange Wildflowers Sea

There is very little rain in this area during the year, but when the winter rains stop around August immediately the wildflowers begin flowering in the Namaqualand and they advance through to Cedarberg, west coast, Darling and Langebaan.

Namaqualand and Cedarberg Wildflowers Close Up

In Namaqualand more than a thousand of it’s estimated 3500 plant species cannot be found anywhere on earth. Namaqualand is also home to the world’s smallest tortoise the Namaqua Speckled Padloper, they weigh about 95 – 165 grams.

Namaqualand and Cedarberg Wildflowers on Mountain

You can do a flower tour in any of these areas. This weekend the 97th Darling Wildflower Show is taking place from 19 September to 21 September 2014.

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