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This Tour Includes:

The Explorer - Walking Safari

Tour Description

Experience true nature, wildlife and the stunning landscapes of the Karoo.

Do a total four hikes in Big Five territory over three days accompanied by your dedicated Ranger. Be one with nature while hiking through the beautiful Sanbona Wildlife Reserve located in what was once the homeland of the San people.

Learn about the cultures, the fauna & flora, the Big Five, the Little Five and the Ugly Five from your Ranger. Then return to your tented camp for scrumptious meals, relaxation and a luxurious bed where you can listen to the sounds of the wild throughout the night.

This is a fully inclusive Safari and your local brands of beverages are included.

The Explorer Walking Safari runs during the warmer months from October to end of April and participation is restricted to people over 16 years old and up to 60 years old. People older than 60 would be required to meet certain medical criteria before being accepted.

The Explorer Walking Safari is a THREE day Safari including the touring time to and from the private reserve. The Explorer Walking Safari will depart from Cape Town every Friday morning finishing on Sunday afternoon back in Cape Town

On the Safari we are camping as close to nature as is possible.

You will hear the sounds of the wild when you are sleeping at night. You will encounter some of the many species of insects that abound in the area but take note that this is NOT a malaria area.

The camp attendants will do everything possible to ensure that no dangerous animals or other critters come to visit you at your tent.

It also means that we will enjoy the pristine environment and therefore over-indulgence in alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Water is the elixir of life – Consume it in abundance!

The Explorer - Walking Safari

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