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Namibia Desert Explorer

EIGHT days – Witness the majestic Oryx Antelope wandering across a vast plain covered in sparse gold-coloured grass waving in the breeze against the backdrop of giant red sand dunes. This is a sight that exceeds even the wildest expectations. Experience the silence of nature broken only by the chirping of the glowing neon green Namib Web-footed Gecko as it calls for its mate in the cool evening air. Memories are made of this!

Namibia Tours and Wildlife Safari

NINE days – The best of Namibia Tours. Namibia, a country with truly spectacular contrasts, wide-open spaces, and amazing African wildlife awaits you. This is your opportunity to experience the best safari holidays in Africa. Start your Safari in Swakopmund, the adventure capital of Namibia, then we continue on your Safari Africa to view the spectacular wildlife in Etosha National Park.