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Good News Monday

Good News Monday

It is the start of a new month and it is Good News Monday. There are many great reports and stories from around the world that adds up to today being an exceptional Good News Monday.

The first batch

In South Africa this morning we eagerly await the arrival of the aircraft carrying the first One Million doses of the covid-19 vaccine.

The long awaited saviour

New Hope from India

The shipment of vaccines departed from Mumbai, Western India on Sunday with our favourite airline Emirates. Flying via Dubai for a quick pit stop the aircraft is due to land at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg this morning. This amidst great fanfare and the welcoming party will include many dignitaries from President Ramaphosa to the High Commissioner of the Republic of India, His Excellency Jaideep Sarkar.

The Serum Institute of India has been licensed to produce a vaccine that has been developed by the multinational pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Vaccination Drive – South Africa

As far as we are concerned, therefore, the most appreciated member of this auspicious welcoming party is Dr Morena Makhoana. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Biovac in South Africa. Biovac is a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Cape Town. This is the only human vaccines manufacturer in Southern Africa. They will play an integral role in the huge vaccination drive that lies ahead for South Africa.

Internationally, the Good News Monday, is that the state of Georgia in USA is open to international arrivals. From the 1st February you may arrive without any special visa or a PCR test if you have been vaccinated.

A placard in Piccadilly, London expressing the effects of vaccination. Credit The Times

Success is imminent

From London we receive even greater news. The Times reports that transmissions are slowing. The UK has been successful at the one of the fastest rollout of vaccines in the world. There is a clear indication that the vaccination is preventing the spread of the virus. The number of new daily reported cases has plummeted. From 59,660 recorded on the 9th January to a level of 24,245 recorded on 31st January. There is no clear evidence that the vaccination stops transmission as yet, but the signs are most encouraging. This is definitely a Good News Monday for the International Travel and Tourism Industry.

We are ready!

Across Southern Africa, the tourism sector has been hard at work. All operators are preparing for the day that international travel is opened again. We wait anxiously to welcome our guests with our typical African Hospitality. We are ready to plan your great Safari with you. You are ensured of the trip of a lifetime that you deserve. One of our trusted professional travel partners at Victoria Falls is Wild Horizons. They will make sure that your holiday runs smoothly. Then you continue on to the amazing experiences with our safari specialists in Botswana, Under One Botswana Sky. Their professional team are the specialists in Chobe and the spectacular Okavango Delta located in neighbouring Botswana.

We wait to welcome you in style!

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