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Going on Safari in Southern Africa?

“Going on Safari in Southern Africa?”….. Was the often used greeting to our new friends at many an international arrivals terminal in Southern Africa, as the tired travelers stepped through the doorway leading from the Immigration and Customs area. Alas, that cheerful greeting, “Going on Safari?” has been silenced for several weeks now since the fateful arrival of this uninvited guest, the intruder, the despised COVID-19.

The only signs of activity in the once-bustling hive of activity of the International Arrivals Terminal today, is the gentle rumble of a peaceful snore emanating from the gaping mouth of the security guard where he sleeps on his chair in the corner. Even he, is bored beyond measure! This damned virus! Who invited you to Africa, and the world, anyway?

Don’t despair

BUT, do not allow the media hype, and the fear that their “in-depth” coverage of this pandemic fans liberally hour upon hour, break your spirit and your desire to travel. In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, “This too shall pass!” which he used in one of his speeches in the run-up before his election as the 16th President of the USA. The actual, real impact and cost to humanity of this uninvited guest COVID-19, during this year 2020, may never be fully established. But we, the committed servants in the Tourism Industry, the providers of life-changing safari experiences for our guests from around the world, we choose to rally behind these immortal words – THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

The Home Office

We occupy our Research and Development (R&D) Division to prepare for our bright future post-COVID-19. The R&D Division occupies the table on the left of the doorway of our hastily installed “home office”. The lines of communication between R&D, the Marketing Division and Operations have never been better! Marketing is located at the easy chair and large coffee table to the right of the doorway with Operations occupying the counter against the opposite wall where “they” may connect to the World Wide Web and pile up their files containing log sheets and other critical information. Best of all, there is no bickering between the people of the different divisions because this is a team of TWO at this time.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS emblazoned across the static Bookings Board reflecting the failed bookings from April to August
The static Bookings Board with camera bag waiting to be used again.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS! is emblazoned across the now very static whiteboard still reflecting the failed bookings for the months of April to August. That huge gut-wrenching tsunami of cancellations that hit us in one very short week. Did I hear you ask Why?

Creating Dreams

You see, we are the creators of dreams! We carry the huge responsibility of surpassing the very high expectations of our Safari Guests every time. Most of the time we do not even know what their true expectations are, but we are the professionals with the intuitive edge that only grows and develops with heaps of experience. We deliver without fail. We are the dream merchants who have done this so many times over the past two decades and yet we still dream of that special Going on Safari in Southern Africa Experience that we aim to deliver SOON.

The fire burns brightly within us and our creative juices are overflowing. We are preparing for your arrival. Africa is rejuvenated and we await your arrival. Come to rejuvenated Africa for your safari of a lifetime. The majestic Victoria Falls is putting on the most spectacular show of the last decade. The Okavango Delta in Botswana is experiencing a flood of mammoth proportions. Now reaching areas that have not seen flooding in more than five years. The wildlife in the National Parks of South Africa, and across the region, are at their most beautiful. Also seemingly far more relaxed than has been the case while high tourist numbers prevailed.

We, the people of Africa, are ready to welcome you. Travel to Southern Africa. The skies will be open again. You will be amazed! We will help you create those lasting memories. THIS video “Stay Home, travel tomorrow.” is the most compelling call to get your traveler’s imagination going. It is courtesy of Botswana Tourism.

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