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Personalized and Professional service.

Africa Explore Safaris is a FULL-SERVICE provider of all the essential ingredients to ensure that your holiday experience in Africa is a spectacular and memorable event in your life.

We operate on a basis of complete trust and transparency to create and deliver the ideal fully customized holiday itinerary for our clients. The package that we create and present is our Intellectual Property, however, we provide all the relevant contact details and information so that our clients may verify all the details in order to make an informed decision.

Your personal Travel Designers, planning, and advice

How we proceed:

  1. We receive your inquiry and we will request your contact details.
  2. We set up your complimentary consultation that may take up to 30-minutes to establish what your preferences and desires are, and most importantly, to ensure that we are a perfect fit for you.
  3. We prefer the first consultation to be on a video call but we may also do it telephonically or by email.
  4. We create the customized itinerary based on the information you provide during the initial video consultation.
  5. We present the first draft of the customized holiday plan to you and allow a day or two for you to scrutinize the details.
  6. We then set up the second video consultation in order to receive your feedback before we do any further customizing that you may require.
  7. When you are happy that the itinerary meets all your needs we will issue the final Safari Plan that becomes the contract of services to be provided against your payment.
  8. At this point, a deposit payment will be required to secure all the services and we will create a payment plan that suits you with final payment falling due approximately 60 days ahead of your travel dates. The required deposit and payment plan will vary depending on the type of services that we provide as well as the season when you plan to travel. The high demand during a peak season will usually require a higher deposit payment as well as a more rigid payment plan.

DMC for our international travel trade partners.

The experience that we gained over 20+ years of planning and running tours and safaris throughout sub-Sahara Africa, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the regions where we operate, enables us to be the Destination Management Company of choice. Our experience as a DMC covers all levels of a budget from camping and self-drive packages to high-end super luxury holidays. It also include the management of tour groups large and small, and very large incentive packages with several hundred participants.

Our services for a specific pre-arranged itinerary and tour plan include but are not restricted to;

  • Arrangement and securing of all Hospitality related and Activity related services
  • Arranging and providing the required legal and registered transportation
  • Providing highly professional, experienced, and specialist Tour Director and/or registered Guides for the tour group
  • Providing all the Meet & Greet and support services for the guests
  • Meticulous attention to detail and providing up-to-date information and advice regarding the prevailing local conditions to ensure a smooth and seamless operation for the guests eliminating unexpected surprises wherever possible.
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