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  • If you are arriving on an international flight, you will probably enter the terminal building via the air-bridge that leads you along well signposted walkways to the immigration counters.
  • If you arrive off a regional flight you may be taken by bus from the aircraft to immigration.
  • At the immigration area, you as an international visitor,must goto the lines on the RIGHT HAND SIDE as the lines on the left are for the people travelling on local passports.
  • When you reach the front of the line you should remove any spectacles or sunglasses and look at the screen ahead of you. It is a heat sensing camera that determines if you are running a fever and if that is the case, they will ask you to go to the medical room next to the entrance for a check-up. Do not be alarmed – this is standard procedure!
  • Immediately beyond the immigration desks you will enter the baggage hall with numerous baggage carousels. As you enter the hall, look at the television on the wall directly ahead and check which carousel is delivering your bags.
  • Walk to the left of the wall ahead of you and there is another very large board indicating the carousels above your head.Grab a trolley here on your left hand side to load your bags.
  • The Airline counters for baggage problems are on your right hand side as you walk down past the carousels.
  • There are even a few shops here for your last minute duty free shopping while you wait for your baggage.
  • Oversize bags and large sporting equipment will appear at a doorway on your left hand side just beyond the trolley bay.
  • Once you have retrieved your bags continue to the end of the hall past the customs area without stopping unless you have something to declare – They are watching you from behind the tinted glass.
  • Once past the customs you pass through a glass door and the International Arrivals Hall is through another door to your right.You can now go to either the left or right.
  • If our representative is meeting you, look out for the meeting board with our brightly coloured logo of Africa with the Leopard standing proudly inside the map. They will be standing ahead of you behind a railing carrying the meeting board bearing your name.
  • The Forex money Bureaux counters are on your left. You shouldpreferably not use the Bank Automatic Teller Machines at the airport. They are targeted by the criminal element.
  • The safest ATM machines to use with minimal chance of fraud and interference are those INSIDE the banks and inside the shopping malls where there is visible security present.NEVER ACCEPT ANY OFFER OF HELP AT AN ATM!!!!
  • If you are boarding a connecting domestic flight you need to go to the left and look straight ahead for the escalators leading up to the left. Go up TWO flights to the check in counters on the top floor. Remember that the ESCALATORS ARE TROLLEY FRIENDLY. You exit off the escalators right next to the check-in counters on the second floor.
  • The official porters wear orange coloured shirts with an embroidered number clearly visible in black on the pocket. The porter must also have a picture identification card.They are very friendly and love to chat. Greet them with a smile – they are here to help you. The accepted fare if you accept the porter’s help is R10.00 per bag or US$1.
  • BEWARE of smartly dressed and well-spoken individuals who offer their help inside and around the terminal buildings. They will scam you!

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