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Travel Trends 2021 and Travel to Africa in 2021

The Travel Trends and Travel to Africa in 2021 is receiving a lot of attention now. We are still in the throws of stringent Lockdown Regulations with different gravity around the world, but people are dreaming of when they can travel again. Unique Travel Experiences Can you spot the Hyena? This is what you yearn […]

Travel to Africa in 2021

There is much speculation in the media and the tourism industry about travel and travel to Africa in 2021. Part ONE of a two-part post regarding Travel to Africa and Travel Trends in 2021 What do we know, and what are the trends that are becoming evident thus far for Travel and Travel to Africa […]

The amazing survival of the Rhino, Thandi

The amazing survival of the Rhino, Thandi, at the Kariega Private Game Reserve is nothing short of miraculous! On the night of 2nd March 2012, she was one of three Rhino poached on the reserve. The poachers darted them and then brutally hacked the horns off Thandi’s face leaving a huge gaping wound. BUT she […]