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Elephants are dying again in Southern Africa

This past weekend we learned that Elephants are dying again in Southern Africa. This time it is in Zimbabwe. Last week, the remains of twelve dead Elephants were discovered in the Panda Masuie Forest area as reported by the press. The Panda Masuie Forest area is located between Hwange and Victoria Falls. It is along […]

The MOSQUITO the World’s DEADLIEST creature

This week we are reminded again. The world’s deadliest creature is STILL hard at work even though the world is now focused on the Covid-19 Pandemic. The world’s deadliest creature causes untold suffering in third world countries. The MOSQUITO is the world’s deadliest creature! Spreading the dreaded Malaria infections at will causing more than half […]

Celebrating World Lion Day

On Monday 10 August we were all celebrating World Lion Day. These powerful majestic animals are truly spectacular. Especially when you are able to observe them in wild out on the African Savanna, on their home range. It is quite impossible to establish the exact number of Lions left in the wild. As we are […]

When we travel again after COVID.

“When we travel again after COVID” is a thought that occupies the mind of any explorer at this time. Any person that has tasted the pleasure of travel, learning, discovery, fun, and enjoyment is experiencing the “itchy feet” syndrome. Cabin fever has set in with travel bans around the world restricting our ability to explore […]