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World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day on 28th July 2020 arrives at what is probably the most critical time in the evolvement of our world for close on a century. We are NOT the masters of our universe. We are NOT superior beings in our environment. Our existence is intertwined with all the living organisms in our […]

Elephants died in Botswana Okavango Delta

The headlines “Elephants die in Botswana” were proclaimed boldly on news platforms around the developed world towards the end of May 2020. The gruesome images of 350 odd dead Elephants even took precedence, albeit for a short while, over the constant reporting on Covid-19. The cause as to why, remains a mystery. Why would these […]

The Creation and Geology of Victoria Falls

The creation and underlying geology of Victoria Falls is a marvel in its own right. This World Heritage Site especially when seen at the time the Zambezi River is in full flood is a truly spectacular sight. To understand how this beautiful waterfall was created, we will study the underlying geographical processes that took place […]