Founder and co-owner of Africa's Child Safaris

Quinton Conroy, Founder and Director of Africa Explore Safaris

Co-owner Africa's Child Safaris

Abby Chishimba-Conroy, Director Africa Explore Safaris

You Can Trust our Team !

We will take you on your trans-formative “Once-in-a-Lifetime” safari to experience all the amazing destinations throughout Southern Africa

We are Quinton and Abby Conroy heading up Africa Explore Safaris. We are proudly African from two very different cultures speaking five different languages and we are able to communicate with as many as eleven different language groups. We understand the African customs and cultures and they have a high priority on our itineraries.

The people of Africa are the custodians of our fantastic wildlife and the natural beauty of Africa. We continue to support various community and educational projects throughout the region where we operate.

With more than 16 years of valuable experience gained while creating and delivering exceptional and memorable holiday experiences for travellers from around the globe, you can trust us with your valuable holiday budget and rest assured in the knowledge that this will be an experience that will transform your life. We will take care of all the arrangements and attend to every detail so that you don’t need to concern yourself and worry about your holiday arrangements.

Browse through the testimonials that some of our satisfied clients have sent to us over the years and put your mind at ease. We promise a lot, and we go the extra mile to deliver holiday experiences that will transform your life.

People from different cultures and all walks of life, aged from 9 to 90 and everything in-between, have experienced the beauty of Africa in our company. We can satisfy special requests in just about any form.

Our Safari expertise was honed and perfected while organising, customising and running tours and safaris throughout Southern Africa and Madagascar, East Africa, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and across South America.

We now prefer to concentrate and specialize in our “home” territory of Southern Africa and all the amazing Safari Destinations available across this region. Our dedicated personal service ensures that every small detail is taken care of when we customize our tailor made Safari packages and itineraries to the specific requirements of our clients.

Our standard and advertised itineraries, that can all be (and should be) customized to your specific needs, have evolved over the years in direct response to the requests, desires and wishes of our many happy clients.

Travel with us and you will share in our stories and personal experiences growing up in Africa. You will share in the victories and the joy of the African people. We look forward to working with you to create your own special memories on this journey of a lifetime that will surely transform your life forever.